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Home Made Play Dough Recipe (Even A Taste-Safe One!)

Days out and new toys can be expensive and as parents, we don’t always have the time to come up with new play ideas. So I’m going to share a simple and inexpensive recipe that can help you out… home made play dough! It’s a favourite at our house as well as in the play sessions I run with children. It can ignite the imagination like nothing else. Play dough can transform into food, buildings, animals, monsters, jewellery; the possibilities are endless. It’s a fantastic activity for child development as well. It supports development of their fine motor skills as they mould shapes, their gross motor skills as they knead the dough and their social skills as they play with each other or role play every day activities such as ‘cooking’. Play dough is a wonderful way for children to be creative and engage in a multi-sensory activity. They are…