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The Magic in the Lamp

One of my pleasures in life is exploring unusual shops and markets: antiques, bric-a-brac, dusty books, shiny objects and other curio all fascinate me and I could spend hours looking for unusual objects and bargains. Not that I ever do. My husband and children can’t think of anything worse so a brief glance is usually all I can manage. I was in heaven in the Colaba Causeway Market on our trip to South Mumbai recently. Sounds, smells and overcrowding assaults the senses; shiny objects glisten tantalisingly and the stall holders are on a mission to sell you something at all costs. At a little antique stall, one item did catch my eye. A small, metal lamp. The sort you could expect a genie to emerge from….with some imagination! I snapped it up, memories surfacing about a concept I’ve read about numerous times about the power of a magic lamp in…