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Creativity and Imagination: Mexican Alebrijes

If you have young children you have probably seen the 2017 Disney Pixar film Coco. If you haven’t you should put it on your watch list. The plot may be a bit advanced for younger viewers but the visuals are enchanting. Based on the Mexican Day of the Dead/Dia De Meuertos festival, Coco tells the story of a young boy transported to the Land of the Dead where he has to find his Great Grandfather who can help him return home. Warning: This film will probably bring a tear to your eye! Disney Pixar’s Coco My children loved watching the spirit animals such as Dante and Pepita. Our viewing of the film coincided with the delivery of a package from my sister who had been working in Oaxaca, Mexico. She’d sent us our very own Alebrijes from the region. The small, carved wooden figures are the stuff of imagination. Each…

Yoga for Young Children

I’m a huge fan of yoga and I’ve practiced in some way for most of my adult life. When I fell pregnant with my first child, one of the first books I bought was ‘Baby Om’ to learn how I could practice with my newborn. The reality was slightly different to the beautiful, graceful images depicted in the text and there was no mention of dealing with squirming, crying or projectile vomiting. I also hadn’t factored in the menagerie of animals keen to join the fun. This didn’t become part of our daily routine but the intention was there! You are never too young to practice yoga! Baby yoga classes are gaining popularity in the UK and around the world. To find out more about the benefits of baby yoga, check out this blog post from the UK company Blossom and Berry: Toddlers and young children can also greatly…